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12 reasons to get hot under the covers

How often do we come across something that’s fun and good for you? Not often, right?

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Menopause and your libido – how to enjoy sex as a man or woman in your 50s, 60s and beyond

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Why mental health experts are urging women to masturbate

"It will cause you to go blind – or your genitals will fall off" – Just two of the myths about masturbating you may have heard while growing up.

Here’s to getting expert advice and discovering a newfound sense of intimacy, in every sense of the word…

Are you and your partner thinking about trying anal sex? Here are a few tips

Anal sex used to be taboo, a forbidden fruit that was only tasted by people who were extremely sexually liberated or who had an unusual sexual appetite.

Is your sex life getting boring? Here are 7 ways to spice things up in the bedroom

Let’s get kinky! Here are fun intimacy hacks that will add extra heat under the covers for you and your partner in a jiffy.

"Tolerating mediocre or even bad sex is a terrible idea." An expert explains why some women fake orgasms

Sometimes when a woman knows she isn’t going to climax anytime soon...

The ultimate vibrator guide to take you and your partner from A to Oooooooh!

A vibrator is a great first sex toy – for both him and her.

Get ready to spice things up in the bedroom. We answer some of your questions and tackle the HARD topics.

What is sex without lubrication? A pain, especially for women.

How do you have the conversation about introducing toys into your sex life if your partner is a man of few words.

Booze, sex toys and 50 shades of underwear: Quick, hide it, the parents are coming over!

A woman wonders if her long-distance relationship is worth all the effort.

Never had an orgasm? These are 3 ways you can get them

The female orgasm is one of the most talked about and researched areas of the sexual experience.

This is why you should be having more sex than ever before this festive season, according to experts

It’s important to keep your love life on track as sex is one of the best stress busters around, experts say.

Discover new waves of pleasure and a selection of toys to spice things up in the bedroom.

How to keep your sex toys clean

Here’s how to protect yourself and your investment by taking proper care of your masturbator – after buying and using it.

Discreet sex toys – they’ll never suspect

Make the most of your solo time while exploring your body with a fantastic range of sneaky toys to help you have fun on the low.

Your guide to buying your first sex toy

The sexperts want to help make bedtime a really good time – here’s what you need to know when choosing a sex toy.

How to introduce sex toys in the bedroom

Sometimes when a woman knows she isn’t going to climax anytime soon...

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