Micro-sized fragrance capsules that soak deep into fabric fibres during the wash cycle and break up to release bursts of freshness as you move.

One small cap is all you need for softness and long-lasting freshness. Comfort’s concentrated formulation means there is no need to dilute it and it comes in a smaller, more convenient bottle with less plastic needed for the packaging. Comfort's pro-fibre technology softens your clothes, making ironing easier, helps to maintain the shape of your clothing and offers colour protection for darker and brighter colours.

Theresa Green

Theresa Green

Comfort Perfume Deluxe is inspired by the
latest trends in fine fragrances.

A formula crafted by perfume experts that offers all the care benefits of Comfort. Comfort Perfume Deluxe is available in 3 variants: Divine Petals, Heavenly Nectar and Lily.

Choosing Comfort means choosing care.

Not only do you enjoy the comfort of soft and long-lasting freshness, but Comfort also offers colour protection for your brighter and darker coloured clothes, it softens your clothes to make ironing easier and helps maintain the shape of your clothes. If you want an even more careful wash for your baby, choose Pure.   

Comfort is available in 7 variants:
Morning Fresh, Pure, Elegance,
Uplifting, Divine Petals, Heavenly Nectar and Lily.


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Not all
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Every fabric can benefit from Comfort’s fragrance technology and protection, but each needs its own type
of care.