Taking out a stain is both a physical and chemical process that don't always smell great. Luckily there's Comfort to give your clothes that endless burst of fragrance.

There’s nothing worse than a stain on your favourite outfit. The substance of the stain will depend on how you treat it, but some rules apply to most stains – and here they are.

The No 1 rule is to never leave a stain. As soon as it happens – or as soon as you spot it – start treating. Whether that means sprinkling some salt over the oil-based stain or adding white wine over the red wine stain or a simple rinse, this immediate action will help prevent the stain from setting.

The No 2 rule is to not go about scrubbing vigorously.
This can result in the stain spreading or settling into the fibres, which is the opposite of what you want. Rather dab at it gently, working from the outside in, and try to “lift” the mark rather
than rubbing it.

Don’t assume that every stain needs the same treatment. Oil-based stains, for example, respond well to something that can absorb the oil. So if you’ve messed olive oil on your dress in a restaurant, a good bet would be a piece of bread or a sprinkling of salt or cornflour. Grass stains can be removed with plain-white toothpaste (the paste, not the gel), while blood stains respond well to a dab of hydrogen peroxide and then into the wash as normal. Collar stains respond well to shampoo, while ink stains and tree-sap stains can be removed with surgical alcohol. Grass, juice and tea and coffee stains also respond well to vinegar.

If you haven’t washed or treated the stain yet, or if you’ve washed it to see if the stain comes out but there is still some stain left that could do with a second treatment, do not put it in a hot dryer. This will cause the stain to set and make it impossible to remove.

Sometimes all a stain needs is direct application of a good detergent. Most quality detergents – like Omo – are made to address all the common household grime our clothes are exposed to, so there is a good chance if you don’t know where the stain came from that this will work. Mix the detergent with a little water and apply carefully to the stained area, being careful not to spread it onto the rest of the fabric so the stain doesn’t spread as it comes out. Place a cloth or napkin underneath that can help soak out the problem. Rinse and repeat until the stain lifts, then wash as normal. Remember to add Comfort to the wash so you can enjoy the bursts of freshness as you move in your now stain-free clothing (especially if your stain removal involved interesting applications like vinegar, surgical alcohol or wine!).